Executive Coach

As an Executive Coach, I am here to be your thought partner, collaborative problem solver, and to help you to normalize and transcend professional and personal insecurities. Together, we work on four interrelated and interdependent components and establish a 3 to 6 month vision board that identifies intentional changes related to personal growth, health and wellbeing, relationships, career, and finances.

Self-knowledge and deeper self-awareness

  • What are the behaviors that underlie the problem?
  • What are you doing and not doing?
  • What thoughts drive these behaviors?
  • Are the thoughts racing/intrusive?

Emotional intelligence and interpersonal attunement

  • What are you feeling/experiencing when you continue to engage in the behaviors? What happens to you emotionally and physically?

Relational connection and finely-tuned communication

  • Are there relationships at risk because of certain behaviors?

Change and inquiry process: Discover, Dream, Design, and Deliver

  • What do you imagine when you reflect on these behaviors?

If you are ready to pivot and strengthen your confidence and competence, then let’s get started.