Burnout, Stress and Trauma

Most of our tensions and frustrations stem from compulsive needs to act the role of someone we are not.
— Hans Selye MD

Burnout, Stress, and Trauma

Burnout, stress, and trauma may develop when an individual experiences acute and chronic emotional and psychological overwhelm and nervous system dysregulation. This may occur due to gaslighting “human giver syndrome,” porous boundaries, childhood neglect and abuse, medical trauma, a dysfunctional workplace environment, relational stress, and isolation.

I work with each patient to cultivate a felt-sense of safety and emotional regulation, deep connection to themselves, their bodies, and the environment within and around them. Together, we work to transform and transcend root causes and patterns of hyperarousal, constriction, denial, helplessness, and shame-blame cycles of emotional dysregulation.

Be kind and gentle on yourself. Laugh a little then laugh more. Forgive mistakes. You are not alone.

Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the Earth. Feel the sunshine, the rain, and the breeze in your soul. Imagine, believe, create harmony.

Speak love, out loud. And then speak again.
–Laura Joan Tinthoff, 1956-2022

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