Patricia understands the value of the process. She is always supportive – even when I feel “stuck”. Very perceptive, she picks up on subtle changes in my voice. Though I’d love to meet with her in person I can’t imagine it being more rewarding. I started out thinking of this as “job coaching” and soon realized it is so much more – because I am so much more than my job, as she often reminds me.

VP, insurance industry

Patricia is definitely someone who leads by example. I have known Patricia for over thirteen years, and have had the privilege of personally being coached and mentored by her. She helped me develop and grow both personally and professionally, along with helping me to achieve my project and career goals. Patricia is very passionate about her work! She is resourceful and well organized. She is excellent in providing guidance, staying engaged, providing constructive feedback, and inspiring everyone to achieve their full potential. Her coaching is beneficial and is always in the client’s best interest. She is approachable, encouraging, professional and a great communicator with astounding leadership and interpersonal skills. Patricia also has experience in supporting a Corporate Training & Development team. I highly recommend Patricia to any team that is looking for development, growth and success, as she is the person well versed in all aspects of coaching, training, mentoring and leadership.

Pharmaceutical Manager, Corona, CA

I have known Patricia Raya for sixteen (16) years both personally, as a friend and professionally, as a client. I can attest to her high ethical standards both personally and professionally. She has outstanding character qualities and demonstrates these qualities in her daily routine and practice. As a client, Patricia was retained to guide our Executive and Senior Management through accepting change and working as a team. What we called “getting along in the same sandbox” and “leaving your egos at the door”. She was masterful. As such, we continued to use her to introduce project management to our staff and also impart “working as a team”. She was well received and exceeded our expectations. Patricia has enhanced my life and she has taught me how to stand in my own integrity and not compromise my values. She has become an important mentor in both my personal and professional life.

Pharmaceutical Executive, Phoenix, AZ

I have had the pleasure of knowing Patricia for 2 years and have been real impressed with her high level of professionalism and integrity.  Patricia focus is getting results and adding value.

Software Sales Executive, Atlanta, GA

Patricia brings a high level of energy and a keen sense of humor to the training process.  Her questions probe for motivations as well as logic encouraging participants to open themselves to the learning experience.

Professional Services Director, Sunnyvale, CA

Patricia has excellent insight and experience in corporate America, which she uses to provide objective feedback and successful solutions to me.  She is very motivational and inspirational to work with through the most challenging of undertakings.

Pharmaceutical Director, NYC, NY

The day I met Patricia I found a coach who would help me use the assets I had to create the professional and personal reality I wanted.

College Graduate, Phoenix, AZ

Many of these changes…daily yoga practice, greater focus and energy, quitting smoking, eating healthy…you were a part of initiating.  First the awareness of the importance of a work-life balance and the options available, and then the courage to initiate and pursue them.  So I would like to thank you for your help during that difficult and challenging time of repatriation.  It really made a difference…even and especially the ‘tough love.’

Public Relations Director, Shanghai, China

You were my sanity at a time I thought I had lost it.  My cheerleader when I was down.  A challenger when I grew complacent in my thoughts.  My inspiration when I needed to know I could do more and to never settle for what I am.  The first to love me in a way that let me know the load was not all mine.

Telecommunications and Project Manager, Chicago, IL

A wonderful facilitator.

Participant in course presented for the American Management Association, LA, CA

Patricia is one of the most professional and approachable instructors I’ve ever worked with. She has the ability to identify with a diverse audience and encourage members to be enthusiastic and participate.  I highly recommend her services to any industry.

Professional Fire Fighter, Mesa, AZ

Patricia’s professionalism, focus, and knowledge ensured real success for me throughout the program.  The product tools helped me to truly focus both my personal vision and work life balance.  Since undertaking the coaching program, my decisions have been much more balanced and objective.  I’ve enjoyed my work more and have less stress in my life.

Chicago, IL