Anxiety and Depression

How does a person drown? Not by falling into the water, but by staying there.
–Edwin Louis Cole

Symptoms of anxiety and depression often overlap and may include any of the following: persistent sadness, worry, empty mood, hopelessness, pessimism, guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, loss of pleasure, sleep and appetite changes and loneliness.

I take an integrated and functional approach to prevention, intervention, and treatment. I help patients to identify and transform environmental factors, habit patterns, cognitive distortions, emotional patterns, and unhealthy and limiting beliefs. Together we examine the six dimensions of wellness that are intricately linked to emotional wellbeing.

The antidote for negative self-talk is to bring it into awareness so we can question…the validity of our negative beliefs. We may also find that our self-criticism is the internalization of criticism that we received as a child or adolescent and that it does not reflect our own true self.
— Judith Blackstone