Patricia Raya

On the Couch with Patricia

Dr. Patricia brings a unique background that blends together her clinical skills with 40 years experience as an educator, corporate leader/entrepreneur, leadership consultant, and personal coach and guide.

Transforming Anger and Conflict

Anger that is transformed into healthy expression and receptivity can repair connections, build new connections, and deepen compassion and love for self and others.

Reclaiming Connection and Conversation

Dr. Patricia works with individuals and small groups to develop the skills and insights necessary to reclaim that which characterizes our humanity.

Lifecycle Transitions and True Belonging

Each lifecycle brings about new challenges and opportunities. Dr. Patricia can help navigate those transitions with curiosity, receptivity, courage, compassion, and vitality.

Grief and Loss

Dr. Patricia helps individuals and families rearrange and reclaim their life by working through the reality of being permanently altered yet embracing the possibilities of emotional healing, meaning, and purpose.

Facilitation Skills

Wellness and Spirituality

Dr. Patricia supports clients through their unique journey of deep self-discovery and their path of spirituality and wellness.