Mindfulness for Groups and Teams

90 Days to E.P.I.C Change & Self Leadership

“Has my mental treadmill of worries or rumination ever really solved anything for me? Have I felt true contentment, clarity, happiness, and optimism when I’m not present, but stuck in thoughts about the past or future?”—Donald Altman

The Program

I have been both a leader and consultant of teams, I know first-hand the challenges team members deal with on a daily basis. Mindfulness for Groups and Teams in the workplace is designed to help meet some of the challenges associated with working in teams, including the common stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing.

The 7-week program is designed to help team apply mindfulness tools and techniques to some of the common dynamics of working in teams. An optional component of this program is the integration of Yin Yoga postures to help metabolize tension held in the body. The program is designed to help clients work toward their preferred state of living and leading their lives and to maintain a mindfulness practice on their own.

Week 1: Getting Started, Introduction to Mindfulness and Yin Yoga.
Week 1b: Simple Awareness Through Breath, Be As You Are, and The Body                    Scan.
Week 2: Attention, Flight-Fight-Freeze, The Brain-Mind, and The Relaxation              Response
Week 3: Impulsive and Compulsive Thoughts and Reactive Decision Making.
Week 4: Reactive Verses Unconscious Mindset and Conscious and                                Responsive Mindset.
Week 4b: Mid-Program Assessment and Modifications.
Week 5: Difficult Situations and Sensations, Softening and Allowing.
Week 6: Mindful Leadership, Communication, and Problem Solving.
Week 7: Next Steps to Maintaining Your Own Practice.

The toughest management challenge is always yourself. –Bill Hybels